Helen; a blind monkey who sees everything
Four Minutes to Midnight: the Bronowski Memorial Lecture
Placebo: Cracking the Code
The Family that Walks on All Fours
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The Pufendorf Lectures, 2011
The Inner Eye, Part 2: Natural Psychologists
Soul Dust: the Magic of Consciousness.
Can false beliefs be good for you? The case of placebo medicine.
Beauty's Child: sexual selection, nature worship and the love of God.
What shall we tell the children? Religious indoctrination and children's rights.
Is There Anybody There?
The Inner Eye, Part 3: The Ghost in the Machine
The Inner Eye, Part 4: Sentimental Education
The Inner Eye, Part 5: Other People's Dreams
The Inner Eye: Part 6: How like an Angel
Royal Institution Videos
The Magic of Consciousness
Why Does the Placebo Effect Work?